Saturday, August 6, 2016

Australia ~ Day 9

April 10, 2016

9 days!  We have been traveling Australia for only 9 days and have experienced so much that I never thought I'd get to see.  Being able to just wake up and not really have to decide where to go was nice today.  We walked around Yungaburra a little bit and I of course took pictures of everything LOL

First our hotel.....

There was this neat little real estate place right by the hotel that had all these signs in the windows.  Just a little run down in case you can't read what the fine print on those flyers says.....

Top Left - Hobby Farm and Lifestyle with Huge SHEDS!!!  1 Bedroom, 1 bath, 4 car garage, Land size 7.14 acers - Price:  $570,000

Top Middle - Lifestyle with an income  14 Bedroom, 11 Bath, 11 car, Land size 1.95ha - Price $699,000 (currently has a 4 bedroom cottage rented out for $220.00 per week)

Top Right - The Fairy Tale Dream - 4 Bedroom, 3 Bath, 3 car garage, Land size 2.61 acres - Price $869,000 reduced to $760,000

Bottom Left - Fantastic Residence & Business - 9 Bedroom, 8 bath, 8 cars, Land size 2,863m2 - Price $1,500,000

Bottom Middle - Private location close to Yungaburra - 3 Bed, 2 bath, 2 car garage, Land size 1,780m2 - Price $385,000

Bottom Right - Modern Home walking distance to town - 3 Bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage, Land size 1,248m2 - Price $365,000

Just so you all know, the price of living in Australia is VERY HIGH compared to the United States.  My house, 5 Bedroom, 3 Bath, 2 car garage, 3,100 Sq Ft cost us $221,000.  Our house, in Australia, would run about $700,000.  As much as I want to move to Australia.....we may have to win the lottery just to be able to buy a house!  With that being said, minimum wage in Australia is $17.50 an hour.  My very first job was only $4.25 an hour back in 1998.  Now the US has an hourly minimum wage of at least $7.25.  Crazy how different life is other countries.

After walking around we got in the car and drove, just to get lost and see what we could find.  We found a dirt road......

A gas station where it started raining so we sat and watched it rain a little while.  Mom got a sarsaparilla.......

After the rain let up a little we found the Golden Pride Winery!  This place was really neat.  Granted they didn't do tours or anything like we thought we were still able to go in a taste test a bunch of different wines and brought a bunch home.  Mango wine, who would have thought that would have been so good.

Other then that we didn't do much. We walked more around town and took some pictures of the plants and stopped by the grocery store and got stuff for dinner.

This van had the best sign on it!  Warning:  Going to sleep on Sunday will cause Monday.  hahahahaha

And check out the sign by all the banana fields....

These were the largest sweet potatoes we have ever seen!!!!  And our dinner this night was PERFECT!!!!  The best rolls, fresh avocado, rotisserie chicken, cucumbers and watermelon.  I could live off just this food the rest of the trip LOL


Today we were also able to make reservations for a hot air balloon flight over the Atherton Table Lands for tomorrow!!!!!!!  Oh you don't want to miss that one!

~Till Next Time~

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