Friday, August 19, 2016

Australia ~ Day 14

April 15, 2016

All our bags are packed and we are ready to go........

Leaving Townsville today and heading back to Sydney.  It's going to be a long flight and I hope all our luggage makes it.  I have no idea how we are going to get it all home.  At the Townsville airport they of course didn't have any issues with me having my didgeridoo all wrapped up and carrying it.  It's from Australia after all so at least that was good. 

Mom got the window seat and as I read she took selfies <3

and pictures out the window......

Once we got closer to Sydney you could see the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge out the window.  Talk about an amazing thing to be able to see.  Perfect clear skys and everything......

These cliffs.....I want to go see these the next time I'm in the Sydney area.

On our taxi ride to our new hotel room, which was going to be amazing by the way.......this is how they calculated the fare.  

Our room for the last 4 days of our vacation was amazing!  We had our own kitchen area, living room area and bedroom.  It only had one bed but they did bring up a cot that we put by the window.  I told Mom she should take the bed and she insisted that I took it.  So I did.....

We had two balcony's off our room, and we were on the 12th floor.  Such amazing views of Hyde Park and parts of Sydney we never would have gotten to see if we weren't up so high.

Because of the traveling, we didn't get out and do much.  We did run down to the grocery store and got stuff for dinner which was amazing and then we called it a night and sat and watched some tv before heading to bed.  It's good to be out of the car and back in Sydney but this really meant our vacation was coming to an end.  



Boy do we have a lot left to do here in Sydney!  Let the craziness of seeing everything in such a short time commence!!!!!!

~Till Next Time~

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