Monday, July 25, 2016

Australia ~ Day 6

April 7th, 2016

Magnetic Island yesterday was one of the highlights of the trip so far.  I'm so thankful for Trinity to have found this place for us because I bet we never would have gone there if it wasn't for her.  

So day 6......already!  Time didn't seem to be moving by too fast because our days were so stress free and only doing exactly what we wanted to do.  We didn't have to worry about a house or laundry (well, we did do laundry in Townsville so that counts I guess).  Didn't stress about kids or family.  We just went with the flow every day and enjoyed being able to take deep breaths of absolute happiness!

Today we decided to drive.  We had no idea where to go and it was only my 3rd day with the rental car but we were just going to drive.  The day of course started out super early with a morning sunrise and walk along the cost for a little while.

After watching the sunrise we walked up to Kissing Point where they had an amazing memorial from WWI and WWII.  It was so cool to see how other countries managed through the same wars we have been through.  Lots of history in and around Townsville.  I could live in this place forever!

These pine needles.......weird........

LOVE these walls!
After our little hike up the mountain it looked like a storm was rolling in so we headed back to the room to figure out the rest of our day.  Check out our mailbox for the hotel......Mom just loved the mailboxes!  (Wait until you hear the story about meeting the mail lady in Sydney!)

and a pigeon!
So after gathering our thoughts and deciding what we were doing for the day, we packed some food and headed out.  I wanted to go to the top of  Castle Hill so we set the navigation and headed up.  This was where my first opps of driving went.....totally my fault but we just laughed and no one got hurt (or hit) so it's all good LOL.

From the top of Castle Hill you could see everything in Townsville!  You could see Magnetic Island, the airport and cemetery, the marsh lands and so much more.  There was a husband and wife running the steps (um, insane if you ask me) and I told her she was doing great because she looked as though she was going to pass out.  She thanked me and then said she was doing it pregnant so that's why she was a little tired!  True encouragement there, too bad I was on vacation and totally NOT running the stairs LOL

Once it started to rain we got in the car and started driving.  We set a beacon on our navigation and just drove.  Had NO IDEA where we were headed or what we were going to find but I'm so glad we did this little outing.  

We wanted to see what the little towns were like and decided to drive through a couple.  These are some pictures mom took while I was driving.  We found some type of Military base or shooting range or test sight or something LOL

We had a hitch hiker along the way

Fire danger was low :)

Flood Waters could get this high
in this area!

We found a nice little rest stop with tons of birds and a neat little river bed full of tadpoles.  We were hoping to see some kangaroos but didn't see any at this spot.  

Look close, how many birds do you see???

I'm thinking Emu track......

So after this stop we came to a "T" in the road.  We decided to turn left and after about 10km the paved road disappeared and made way to this amazing red dirt one lane road!

Talk about time to panic for a driver who is new to driving in these conditions!  And passing oncoming traffic.....HA!  I freaked out a bit but we made it out without a scratch and even saw some really cool stuff along the way.  Good thing nobody ever travels this road much or they would have thought we needed help with as much as we stopped :)

Once we hit paved roads again is when we saw them!  The BIGGEST and FASTEST kangaroos EVER!!!!  We were both just watching the scenery go by and there they were, in the field to the left, hopping as fast as they could across the road and they were gone!  We didn't have time to get our cameras up or nothing to take the pictures.  This will be one of the best memories from the whole vacation!  They actually do act like deer in the United States!

We found a camp ground too, decided to drive down in it a bit to see what it was like.

All of this fun happened before we stopped for lunch.  Crazy right?  Our lunch was amazing.  We made sandwiches and bag salads and found a cute little park to chill at.  Even the lorekeets were there to eat (our food LOL)

And the rest of the day was just spent driving and enjoying our time.  We didn't take any night pictures or anything today but I think this one day was packed full of enough stuff.  Tomorrow we head North to Carins!  Well, kinda sort of any ways.  You won't want to miss the adventures!

~Till Next Time~