Monday, August 1, 2016

Australia ~ Day 7

Have you ever been on vacation and had no plans at all?  No hotels booked, no cities on the radar, no appointments or schedules to follow?  So far the trip to me had been amazing!  Not having a care in the world and just doing whatever we wanted to do.  However, that being said.....I'm not a big fan of not knowing where I'm going to sleep that night.  Going into hotels and being told they are full, sucks, especially when you are tired and just want to stop for the day.  With that being said though, this vacation is exactly what my Mom and I needed!

And we're off.......We got in the car and headed to, well, North.  We didn't really have a place in mind but we wanted to stay next to the shore line so that is what we did.  We stopped at the grocery store to stock up on snacks and grab breakfast.  Their stores were quite nice, huge and clean. 

And of course I had to take a picture of their wall of heros!

This.....this doughnut right here was was TERRIBLE!  Well, by that I of course mean not American.  The frosting was the bad part, it was so super sweet and nothing like I was expecting.  You know how you have a taste in your mind and then you eat or drink that thing and it's all wrong....yeah that is totally what happened to me here.

After the breakfast and the store stop we kept driving North.  This tall green stuff was all over the place.  I'd never seen it before so I didn't know what it was but Mom knew.  It is sugar cane!  And boy was it TALL!

Driving up the coast we stopped often.  Each of the beaches we stopped at were different in their own way.  My favorite beach was the one that had tiny rock pebbles instead of sand.  And the seashells were everywhere!  We didn't see many people in the water though.  There were signs everywhere saying beware of the salt water crocodiles that lived in the area.  We didn't get to see any crocs though.




At one of our stops, Cardwell, there was this nice little pop up place to eat and of course they had the Australian favorite, Meat Pies!  We knew we were going to try one of these things and decided that now was as good of time as any.  It tasted....well.....different.  Mom and I both had beef ones (without smushed peas) and well, Mom was NOT impressed at all!  It didn't "taste" bad to me, it did however have the worst texture.  It was like chucks of steak put through a blender but not blended all the way so there were still chunks with the blended stuff.....yeah.  I'll be ok not having one of those again.  Poor Mother can't even think about them without gagging! 

Gas Prices......Gotta love being in another Country!

We stopped at a visitor center and I found a paper on this gummy boot thing that was in a town close by.  The town was called Tully.  It was a cute little town with a huge rainfall history.  That's what this huge boot was for.  To show how high the waters got (which is insanely high)!



After our little tour inland a little we went back out towards the coast to try and find one of these Cassowary birds that were near Mission Beach.  A Cassowary is a bird that is only found in this part of Australia and when best to see one then on a vacation that you had no plans on.  So off to Mission Beach area we went.

Banana Trees

After checking a hotel and it being full and getting online to find that most the other hotels in the area were booked too we found this one, Eco Village.  The room we stayed in this night was quite nice.  It only had one bed so we shared the bed but it wasn't too bad.  It had it's own little pond thing in front of each room and we used it to cool our feet off.  It was nice to just sit and relax there for a while.

There were some of the coolest fruit trees surrounding our little cabin room.....


After checking into our room and enjoying the moment and unpacking a few things we took a walk downtown.  The town was cute.  It had a shop where Mom was able to get some iced tea (2nd place only) and then we mailed some of our post cards we had left to mail.

Up to this point we still had not seen a Cassowary.  We went to many different beaches in this area too, where we were told they are all the time.  Guess they were trying to stay hidden from us because we didn't see a single one this day!  However, the views and sights we did see were so beautiful it didn't really hurt my feelings.  There was tomorrow on our way out after all.

Dinner was a tres meat pizza and garlic bread......or a three meat pizza and toasted soft shell taco shells with garlic butter inside.....

So there you have it, a day of nothing and so much all in one.  Not knowing what was going to happen or where we were headed next is what made this vacation so stress free.  No schedules to follow....How could it get any better?

~Till Next Time~

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