Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Australia ~ Day 10 ~ Continued!!!!!

So for the second part of our day that started at about 9am the same day as the hot air balloon ride......

Because we left Yungaburra so early we had just checked out of our hotel and packed the car before we even left for the hot air balloon ride.  After the flight we headed to Cairns with stops and whatever we wanted to do along the way.  The hot air balloon guy told us about this great little crepes place to stop and get breakfast.  



This awesome little town we stopped in for crepes, Kuranda, had the best little market place with souvenirs too.  We didn't want to stock up on much but it was definitely on the list of come back to places!

Since we had to share a bed for the past few days I decided it was time to stay at a hotel that was nice and clean and comfy and right on the water.  When we got there to check in they asked me if I wanted the free upgrade.....well, YES!  How perfect was our timing!!!

After getting all our stuff to our room we went and walked around.  Walking was our new favorite past time.


Dinner was Italian, again.  And again, it was NOT what I had expected at all.  The garlic bread was.....good but not really garlic bread.  The gnocchi was, well, not very good, which was a huge disappointment.


The dessert was pretty good though.  The only thing that made this $100+ dinner worth it.  *sigh*

Because we were up so early and did a lot of walking around we didn't do anything after dinner.  We just went to the room and chilled and enjoyed our down time.  Tomorrow is.....well.......


~Till Next Time~

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