Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Australia ~ Day 8

This morning we woke up, took out the map, read a few city names and decided that Millaa Millaa was a fun enough name, so that is where we headed to next!  It was inland quite a way, on the other side of the mountains (which was on the bucket list) and the Atherton Table Lands were in that area so we decided to go check it out. 

We still hadn't seen a Cassowary so we decided to drive the loop one last time and hit a couple beaches early that morning in hopes of seeing one.


After stopping for ice cream (of course) we headed out towards Millaa Millaa.  While we were still on Cassowary road we finally spotted a Cassowary!  This one had 4 babies with it.....and come to find out, it was the male that stayed with the young.  They were just roaming through someones yard.  How neat would it be to see an endangered animal almost daily!

On our way through the side roads and finding our way we stopped at an antique store (which there are NOT very many around in Australia) and we also spotted some old cars.  They were so cool and some were still pulling up and parking so Mom got out of the car and went to talk to them.  I stayed in the car because I was stopped on the side of the road with my flashers on......

Along our way over the mountains I saw signs for a canopy walk.  I knew we were in rain forest territory and really wanted to check this out.  So we stopped and walked the canopy of the rain forest!  The Mamu Canopy Walk was really amazing and cool to see.  The platforms we walked and the tower.....holy cow!  Such an amazing part of the whole day!







After the amazing rain forest walk we got back in the car and headed towards Millaa Millaa.  We found this sweet little town, and drove around it a little while. When we saw this statue I had to stop and take a picture.  It had me laughing.  I couldn't believe the guy has his arm up the cows but that far......but guess what, it really wasn't.  It's just on the other side of the cow.  But it was SO FUNNY to me so here you go, in case you need a little laugh too.....

A stone fence!  I could totally have something like this in my yard.

We didn't end up staying in Milla Milla.  There wasn't a hotel available so we continued on to Yungaburra where we found a room at the Yungaburra Hotel.  Our room only had one bed but we made it work.  We ended up staying at this hotel for a couple days.  It was in the Atherton Table Lands area and so much to see and do in a days drive that we enjoyed staying here.

Our first night we ate at an Italian restaurant called Nick's Restaurant.  Let me start by saying yet again, this is NOT American food......and I'm starting to miss that a lot by this time in our vacation.  To start we got some bread......

Yup, that's it.  And a house salad.  Do you think this salad looks good???

Let me tell you about this salad.....the hard boiled eggs really did look like that.  And I was so ready for a fresh salad that I took a HUGE bite and instantly regretted it.  It was NOT what I was expecting and full of arugula I believe and I'm NOT a big fan of that taste.  Guess I should have inspected it a bit closer before I took such a big bite. We ate all the stuff that came with it, tomato, peppers, etc. but that's it.

For actual dinner I got the ravioli which wasn't too bad.  The sauce was nothing like I've ever tasted either but the bacon on it was good.  The cost of this plate was $29.

Mom on the other hand decided to try the Linguine "Lemone" with Morton Bay Bugs/Scallop.  This plate cost $34.50.  The look of the Morton Bay Bugs was a bit disturbing to me but I'm not a big seafood fan.  She only got one scallop on the top.  But she ate it like a champ.

All in all, today was nice and relaxing.  The Mamu rainforest walk was my favorite part and one I will remember forever.  What am I saying, this whole trip I will remember forever!

Stay tuned, tomorrow we go to the MANGO WINERY!!!!!

~Till Next Time~

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