Thursday, January 26, 2017

Australia ~ Day 19

Today is our last day in Australia.  Our last full day to take in everything we have missed and of course to see some of the things we've seen before.  I'm sure we walked 10+ miles today alone!  I wanted to go to Woolloomooloo and check it out so we just set out to walk.  Here's pictures (with explanations) along our way.

Even Australia has Circuses :)  Wish we could have gone.

We saw the postal lady and had to stop and talk to her.  She walks all these hills every day!  Such a trooper.  Mom really enjoyed getting to talk to her.  Maybe if Mom moves to Australia she can work for the postal service there too!!!

This sign made me think of my sister Janelle.  They love their Coca-Cola down under.

Ah, the "adult store" block of Sydney.

After walking a while it's only right you stop and use the toilet.  This one, OMG had Mom freaking out an I was laughing so hard!  You push a button and the door opens. You only have so long to do your business before the door will just automatically open up on you.  I guess this is a great way to keep homeless people from sleeping in there.  While your in there doing your thing in order to get toilet paper you push another button.  There is no button to flush the toilet.  So you wash your hands.  Time was ticking away and I was worried the door was going to open up on Mom.  Since she couldn't find the flush button for the toilet and knew time was coming close, she just pushed the button to open the door and the toilet flushes!  Genius and oh so funny LOL

My favorite bird ever!!!

Maybe next we should go to Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok <3

This guy right here, made me smile and think of America.  And the dress!  I wonder if he was going to be Minnie Mouse for a costume party.

Had to run into the library

Military base area, I was even asked not to take pictures so I took a picture of the sign instead.

Navel ships on the cost near Woolloomooloo.  All these next pictures are of things around and in the Ovolo Woolloomooloo.  It's a hotel that I had thought about staying at.  I think next time I make it to Sydney it will be a great place to stay.

The Bells Hotel across from the Ovolo Woolloomooloo.

How in the world, why in the world is the door knob in the middle of the door????

Another Ibis <3

We found the park area where people work out and play soccer.  It was fun to sit down and enjoy watching these players for a while.

I'm not sure, but above the cathedral there seems to be letters.  I have no idea what it makes out but I thought this was the coolest cloud picture ever!

Heading through Hyde Park to go to the other end of town.  Finding some shopping areas to browse through.

Live chess game in the park.  Gentlemen hung his coat in the tree just so he could play.  I was impressed he had a hanger with him just for this.


I bought me a new swatch that I absolutely love!!!!

These next several pictures are of clothes in a fancy shopping mall we found.  Mom was so ready to be done with all the high price and fancy stuff by the time we left Australia.  Not that America is cheep, but where we live it definitely doesn't cost this much!





Some amazing street performers!  There were so many things out on the streets of Sydney.  Art, music so much to stop and look at/watch.

Our last dinner in Sydney was tacos.  We had bought enough food when we first got back to Sydney to last us for the last couple days.  It was so amazing having a room that had a kitchen so we could make our own food.  That had to be the hardest part, not having food we were accustomed to the whole trip.  Don't get me wrong I loved every second but some of the food, I could have lived without eating LOL

So, tomorrow morning we pack our bags and head to the airport.  It's going to be a long flight back across the pond and I can't even describe how much I am going to miss being in Australia with my Mom.  There just isn't anything better then spending time with her and being able to make this dream of mine (ours) come true was the most important part.  Although I live so far away and only get to see her once a year (hopefully), I will always look back at my past, with the best mother anyone could ever ask for, and smile.  I'll smile at the good times and bad and all the adventures we have been on.  From driving from Newell, SD to Denver, CO just to buy new shoes, or flying half way around the world on the adventure of a lifetime.  Mom, you will forever be my greatest friend and the person I will always turn to for advice.  You are the one that I share all my news with, good and bad.  You Mom, are my world and I will forever be grateful to have the best mom in the whole world as my own!


~Till Next Time~