Monday, August 25, 2014

Array Magazine

Well, you are now reading a blog post from someone who has their images PUBLISHED in a real magazine!!!!

I know this doesn't seem like much as a lot of people have their pictures in magazines but to me this is a huge deal.  I have never thought super highly of my photos.  I do love most of the ones I take and some of them even take my breath away but I never in a million years thought my photos would actually end up somewhere where 50,000+ people could see them every month!  EEK!  So, yes, I'm beyond super excited!!!  Here's a copy of the magazine cover and my first images printed with an amazing article about the Leilani Mae Horse Rescue.

Now, for those of you who don't live in the Fayetteville area, the Array magazine is Fayetteville's local choice for upcoming events and news in Fayetteville, NC (and surrounding areas).  It is a magazine that focuses on locally owned businesses.  It covers some amazing events such as the Wedding Expo I photographed yesterday and Woof Stock coming up on October 10th.  

Here are a few different photos I took at the wedding expo yesterday:

This was one of the table placements in the grand ballroom area

 The models in the wedding dresses from The Wedding Dress Shoppe were truly beautiful!  I loved the front of the dresses and when they would turn around the backs would be just as amazing!

The Mary Kay girls were a lot of fun to photograph.  I have a "nice" picture and this candid one and I have to say the candid was my favorite of the two.    

Blush Bridal had some amazing clothes and the ladies there were fun to photograph with too.

The Traveling Chic Boutique has this super cute old style camper that was all decked out on the inside with clothes and jewelry.  It even has it's own changing room in the rear of the camper!

One of my all time favorite booths was the Village Bakery and Coffee booth!  Why was this a favorite you ask?  Well, mainly because they are "family" - part of our extended military family that is.  This might have been my first time meeting them but let me tell you, their carrot cake is AMAZING!  And I only had one tiny little cupcake.  If you are in Fayetteville you have to swing by and check them out (now in two locations, Fayetteville and Spring Lake).

These photos are of the amazing Cynthia Ross of CP Ross Designs with one of her wedding designs.  She is the woman behind the amazing Wedding Expo that was put on yesterday.  She was such a joy to talk to and be around during my time there.  And huge props to her for putting on such an amazing event!

Outside of the event they had three tables set up and decorated.  This table was one of my favorites.  Reminded me of being back in South Dakota in the winter time.

And there you have amazing experience at the Wedding Expo yesterday.  If you'd like to start subscribing to the Array Magazine let me know.  I will have to get copies and mail them out myself but it's totally worth it to have people around the world seeing all the fun stuff we actually get to do around here.

And lastly - a huge thank you to all my family and friends who have been behind me with my photography.  I was very skeptical starting up, and am still skeptical today with my photos but I am getting there.  Just knowing that I'm published in a magazine that people actually READ is truly amazing.  

My next dreams as far as my photography goes:
1 - to get published in the National Geographic Magazine
2 - to open my own old time photo studio
3 - to meet and work with Meg Bitton or Three Nails Photography
4 - possibly start boudoir sessions.....

So the adventure continues......

~  Till Next Time ~