Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Australia ~ Day 5

April 6th, 2016

Magnetic Island HERE WE COME!!!!!

So the whole point of going to Magnetic Island is because Trinity did a whole project for this island in school.  She researched the best places to eat and the funnest things to do.  She really wanted me to go there and see if the places she found were real and I promised her we would go so TaDa.....here we are!  Mom's favorite part had to have been right at the beginning.  We drove and parked next to the docks because we were taking a boat over to the island.  While we were waiting we decided to see what kind of food/snacks were available and we found a lady who was on her 2nd day of selling ICED TEA!  Mom was so excited!  She got a HUGE glass full and was content for the whole day (until our return trip when we had to get another 2 cups full).  Why was this such a big deal, well they don't sell iced tea in Australia.  It's all hot tea of some sort and coffee.  Up to this point Mom hadn't had any ice tea (or Mt. Dew) and really REALLY wanted one of either LOL  This was definitely the highlight of the day, the look on her face and how happy she was just because she got an ice tea.

Our Ferry arrived in Nelly Bay (yes, just for you sissy pissy) and from there we took a bus yet again to tour around the island and take us to Horseshoe Bay where Trinity found all the cool things to go to.  And speaking of Sissy Pissy, I was talking to her while we were on the bus and she was to make mom a picture this big, by this big LOL  I love my family :)

One of the restaurants was so excited to be showing FOX Sports that it was a main thing on their signs outside.  Panthers and the Cowboys were playing!  How funny is that!  All the signs outside the restaurants were cool.  And so were the tiny little cars.

After our little walking around on the beach we went to Bungalow Bay.  A place recommended by my Trinity of course.  This is a place with lots of animals that are native to Australia.  And also a place where you could hold a Koala!  This of course was a must here and on the bucket list.

Kisses from Shadow

Mom was NOT impressed with this one

The baby gator was ok though

And THIS RIGHT HERE!!!!!  *sigh*

Our choice for lunch was Noodies on the Beach.  We were kind of fish and chipped out so we decided to try a place Trinity suggested and went Mexican!  It was very good and when I told the owner (husband and wife team) about Trinity and her project he was so excited to hear we knew about them from so far away!  He gave me a hat to take home to Trinity even.  The food was really good and I'll recommend this place to EVERYONE I know!



After we ate we caught the bus back to Nelly Bay and headed back for our hotel.  Here's a few shots of the way back.

One of Mom's panoramas from her phone.

That night we had steak for dinner and walked down the boardwalk for a while.  We saw some creepy critters out that night.  But being here with my Mom was the best feeling in the whole world!!!

Tomorrow is a day with NO PLANS!  We just got in the car and went and seen what kind of trouble we can find ourselves in.  Just for a little insight, we got lost, had the best bag salad lunch EVER, fed a Lorikeet, demolished a termite mound and so much more :)  Come back and check it out too!  You won't want to miss it!!!!

~Till Next Time~

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