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Australia ~ Day 2

April 2rd, 2016

Day one in Sydney was definitely the most amazing day of our vacation so far and the most exhausting!  Getting used to the time change was going to take, well, time (hahaha) and because of this we were up so early on Day 2 that we decided to go out walking and catch the sunrise at the Opera House!  Because of where our hotel was all we had to do was walk across one block and it was a straight shot to the Opera House from there.  On our way, Mom stopped to talk to Ron (the best step-dad ever) and so I was able to take a few shots of just randomness.  Here's those pictures ~ The top one is of the passenger terminal for the cruise ships and the other is the Buckley restaurant.  Had to take that one because my Aunt Juanita's last name is Buckley <3

Because of where we stopped it was right at a walk down area to get to the pier area.  We decided to take this route instead of going straight to the Opera House and I'm glad we did.  We were able to see the city all lit up and the Sydney Bridge with Luna Park all lit up as well.  The palm tree was amazing lit up as well and the moon just happened to be positioned in the perfect spot for one of my favorite pictures of the whole morning!

Seeing the Opera House at sunrise had to be one of the BEST parts of the whole trip.  Seeing the colors of the sky change the tile colors on the sails and it being so perfect was just the best feeling in the world.

Doesn't she look like the happiest person EVER!

Even the seagulls were loving hanging around for the sunrise this morning.  One thing we didn't get the chance to do that I now kind of wish we could have, was the Sydney Bridge Climb.  Mom asked me over and over if I wanted to do it and I said no each time.  I wanted to spend time with her and if she wasn't going to do it, then neither was I.  But can you imagine what these people saw this morning?  Standing clear on top the bridge with the view of the sunrise on the Sydney Harbour.  One day I may just get up there.  If I ever get back to Sydney....

Check this one out!  One of my favorite pictures.....(I seem to have a lot of those LOL)

And the TREES!!!!  Man the trees were HUGE and my kids would have loved nothing more then to hang out in them ALL DAY!  Even the root systems make up a memorizing puzzle of vines.

Since we were down in the double decker bus area again and we still had our 48 hour pass, we jumped on the bus and headed to Bondi Beach.  One of the worlds most famous beaches, and yes, it just happened to be a spot on my bucket list.  Riding the double decker bus is definitely the way to go if you are trying to tour a large city like Sydney.  We learned this every time we went to Rome (which you can see in my other blog ~ Life In Italy! ~)  I was able to get several pictures of things along the way.  And they even have 7 Elevens there!  and Pizza Hut and lots of other places America has.  

Back to Bondi Beach.....This beach is famous for it's surfing.  And I just have to say that going first thing in the morning was the smartest thing Mom and I did.  We ended up riding the double decker around twice this day because we went to an open air market and our second time around it was PACKED full of people!!!!  I'm not sure I can express in words how beautiful it was at Bondi Beach so look at these pictures.......

Me hunting for sea shells for Mom  (taken by Mom)

An amazing Panorama shot from my cell phone of Bondi Beach

I could totally wake up to this view every day and be the happiest person in the whole world!

After the bus ride we decided to jump on a water taxi and see where it went and all the cool sights we could see while on it.  As like most days on a vacation, a nice little storm rolled in while we were on the boat but it wasn't bad and didn't last long.

Most Expensive view in all of Sydney
Most Expensive Yacht in all of Sydney

Our stop after touring the Sydney Harbour was to Luna Park.  This was also on my bucket list.  It's just like Coney Island in New York or Venice Beach in California.  It has lots of kiddie rides and games and very colorful and full of life.  And really, how could you not LOVE walking into the mouth of this clown looking thing?  LOL

The way back to our main area where we wanted to be had one last pick up and drop off so we made sure we were back at our spot in time.  However, the water taxi saw us standing there talking to some nice Australian man about his fishing and didn't realize we were there to be picked up so they didn't even stop and we ended up being stranded on the opposite side of the harbour that we wanted to be on.  Lesson learned I guess LOL  This was a good and bad thing really, I was able to take some great pictures but we were tired and exhausted yet again so we walked and found a taxi that would take us to Darling Harbour.  We got to drive across the Harbour Bridge at this point.  Another first of many on this vacation.

At Darling Harbour we got to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe Sydney and it was just like the rest of the Hard Rocks we had been too.  Very delicious food but very expensive.  We also were able to catch the last boat ride back to Sydney Harbour and were able to see the sunset along the way. 

I can't believe we made it the WHOLE day without knocking out too early for bed.  The Dr. told me before I left that the easiest way to cure jet lag and time change is to be out in the sun, so that's what we did.  An AMAZING day spend seeing so many sights and enjoying our stress free vacation to the max.  It still felt like a dream to me that we were in Sydney.  Even today I can't believe I actually got to enjoy that vacation with my mom.

As done in Day 1 ~ Here are my favorite edits from Day 2! (As you can see, I don't have to do much editing of any of my pictures.....)

Now that I've over whelmed you with photos from Day 2, Day 3 will be in the works.  Day 3 is the only day we went on an actual, lead by a professional, excursion.  Blue Mountains and Three Sisters.....on their way next!

~ Till Next Time ~

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