Friday, July 15, 2016

Australia ~ Day 3

April 4th 2016

As day 3 in Australia started, our time clocks were still a little out of sync with real time.  But today it was a good thing.  We had made reservations with a Blue Mountain tour guide called Barefoot Down Under to see the Blue Mountains and the Three Sisters area of NSW.  We decided renting a car and driving any where near Sydney was not a good idea, since it was wrong side of car, wrong side of road, and there were so many people!  And doing a tour like this we were able to see so much of the Aboriginal area that we would have never seen if we were on our own.

We had to meet up at a different hotel (that was close to our hotel so that was good) early in the morning.  We were to spend all day out in the mountains and I was kind of ready to be away from all the people for a while.  Our tour was run by a husband and wife team.  This day the husband was driving the tour bus and he was a lot of fun.  We stopped to see where the Aborigines stopped along their treks through the mountains, saw wild kangaroos (which I still can't believe just run around there like deer do here), walked among some waterfalls, did a bit of hiking, saw a kookaburra, enjoyed an Aboriginal show, learned to play the Didgeridoo (which I bought one and brought it home with me) and enjoyed some good food in a nice little small town along the way.

I think I'm just going to let the pictures speak for themselves in this blog.  Enjoy!

See the Emu?

Spider Hole - YUCK!

On top of the waterfall

Three Sisters


~ Pictures from Mom's cell phone ~

~ Pictures from my cell phone ~

~ A couple Edited shots of Day 3 ~

If you ever do get to Sydney and want an amazing tour with a fun tour guide don't hesitate to call and reserve at Barefoot Down Under.  They are so much fun and really know the great places to go!  Tomorrow we fly to Townsville and I'm getting a rental car!!!!

~Till Next Time~

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