Monday, July 18, 2016

Australia ~ Day 4

Day 4 was full of hurry up and wait as we flew from Sydney to Townsville.  We didn't do a whole lot because of our flight plans but we did get out and walk a little that morning.

After the walk we headed to the airport and enjoyed some candy before we flew out.  On the flight we went right over top the old Sydney Olympic Stadiums that are left from when the Olympics were held there in 2000.  Their land, from the air anyways, looked a lot like ours.  Farming land, mountains, lakes and rivers.  We were flying into the rain forest area though so it was a lot more green (as seen from the pictures Mom took).

A Peanuts Plane!

Sydney Olympic Parks

Our hotel for the next couple days was nice.  It was in a great location, right off the water and easy drive to and from everything we wanted to go to.  We could even see Magnetic Island off the coast which is where our whole Day 5 was spent.  We had an eating place real close and Mom took pics of the menu so that's in these pictures as well.

My Rental Car!

Driving on the wrong side of the car and wrong side of the road wasn't all bad.  Yes, I may have driven "normal" once or twice but we made it out without a scratch on ourselves or the car so that's a bonus.  It was so weird seeing Mom on my left and knowing I was driving.  Guess that was a good learning experience for when I get to England right.  LOL

So there you have it, a simple flight to Townsville from Sydney and plenty of time left over to enjoy and rest up.  Tomorrow, after all, was going to be a whole day spent on the Island.

~Till Next Time~

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