Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Changes have been made!

2 days left until the show!!!!  Well, technically 2 days and 29 minutes as of right this second :)

The gallery opening is going to be amazing!  I have to share a few things about my day today that had everything to do with my gallery!!!

First off - 

I loaded the van this morning with most of my prints (minus 9 of them) and headed out to Southern Pines to deliver them to the Gallery and help set up what I could.  This is that the van looked like....

Now what you can't see is the three boxes underneath the big box, the super cute pink tool box and my Canon camera case.  Along with two other boxes with my 9x14 prints in them up against the front seats.  See!  A LOT of stuff!!!!

After we got there we unwrapped stuff and set things out to see where we might want them to go.  

There was already the perfect nail for my Lightning Strikes aluminum print so we hung it first, just to make sure it was perfect.....

Cell Phone Picture

Canon Picture

Brian (the gallery owner) started on my three large 20in x 30in prints first......

So glad he knows how to use a tape measure and is really focused on the tiny details of hanging everything up!  See the Grand Canal, Venice Italy picture on the floor next to him?  Yup, a 9x14!  It's super awesome too!!!!

After we helped as much as we could, my best friend Sandy and I went downtown Southern Pines and ate at the super cute Ice Cream Parlor!  It's like this little town took us back in time.  I'll be going there more often for sure! 

As we were walking around, about 10-12 stores had my awesome little print/poster thing hanging in their windows.  I tell you, it's just awesome seeing your name in large letters in so many windows!  So many people out there rooting for me and showing their support!  I'm forever grateful and know this event is going to turn out amazing!!!!

THEN!  To top everything off, I get a text from Brian with this picture.....

Yup, that is totally MY BIO in the newspaper!!!!  EEK!  How amazingly cool is that!?!?!?!?!

Everything is coming together perfectly.  There are so many people interested in my photography and I am hoping there will be many MANY more after the Gallery opening on Friday night!

And just in case you missed it.....

And now there is just 2 days and 9 minutes until my show!  That's it folks and I will be a SOLO Gallery show pro....well, maybe not a pro at the gallery shows but one step closer!  Hope to see you there!!!!!  (Cash and credit cards accepted)

~Till Next Time

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