Monday, February 2, 2015

SOLO Gallery opening was a HUGE SUCCESS!!!!

Never in my life did I think so many amazing people would be ohh-ing and ahh-ing over my photography but I tell you what, Friday the 30th of January 2015 was the BEST NIGHT EVER!!!!!

As you all know, or I hope you know, I had a Solo Gallery Opening for 65, yes 65!, of my prints.  I blogged about it in What A Life It Is and also in Changes Have Been Made.  Now of course since this was my first ALL ME gallery and my first time working with Brian, I wasn't sure what all to expect or how amazing it was really going to turn out but it was really the BEST NIGHT EVER!!!!!

The day before the opening I got this amazing gift delivered to my door.  It is an edible arrangement (always wanted one!!!) and I loved it!  So much better then getting flowers that die......This was from a new friend who is going to be a forever friend (I love those types of friends by the way).  She knew Brandon from a deployment and was able to come here and hang out a little while over Christmas.  She's super sweet and will be around forever.

The day of the Gallery I was super excited.  My nervousness went away for the most part.  I knew it was going to work out one way or another and if no one showed up then that was alright too.  I had dealt with all sorts of emotions the beginning of the week so by Friday I was actually alright LOL

When I got to the Gallery and saw everything hanging up it was amazing!  Brian and Dave did an incredible job with getting it all set up and looking it's best.  They were even able to put in a track light for the sweet is that!  GAH!  Perfect Night EVER!!!!

Three large 20x30 prints - Center Raven Rock and Old Barn Window - SOLD

All 8x10 prints on Fuji Paper - Daisy and Grapes SOLD

9x14 prints of Italy, Greece and Germany

New Smoke Art - Smoke Curls in the center SOLD

More smoke art - Bottom left Smoke 9 SOLD

5x7 firework prints on Fuji Pearl

5x7 prints on Fuji Pearl

Side photos are 9x14 center is 48x32 aluminum metal print - Lightning Strikes SOLD

1/16" aluminum metal.....super thin and light weight

5x7 and 4x6 prints along with business cards and flowers (from Caroline)

At the end of the night we were all packing up the prints and getting ready to go when they decided that I needed to sign the Lightning Strikes that sold.  SO.......I was put on the spot and this is when I got super nervous LOL  It kinda felt awesome to be so special to sign my very first print!  Congrats to the buyers!!!!!  I'm so jealous you get it and I don't.

After the gallery, my mom, who surprised me by showing up, got to hang out for a few days.  We went back and walked around Southern Pines a bit and she bought me some candles that work on timers!  They are really neat.  I had never seen them before.  So I put them on top of the book shelf with the flowers I got from Caroline and Janelle <3  I love where they sit now :)  I can't wait to put the batteries in the candles so they can light up at the exact same time as my moms do.  Gives me a little more connection with her from so far away!  

And there you have it, not a whole lot of pictures were taken the night of the gallery but mostly because I was too busy talking/mingling with everyone to even stop for a breath.  It was a great night and I absolutely loved every second of it.  There were so many wonderful people that came and spent time getting to know me and my work it really is amazing!

Now on the the next things to shoot......Need lots more new pictures for the next Gallery :)

~Till Next Time~

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