Monday, October 6, 2014


Do you ever have one of those days, weeks, months even, that something just seems to be missing.  That there is just a part of your life that seems to have vanished and you aren't sure what it is, how long it's been gone, or when you might get it back?  I've been back in that funk of missing something and it's been eating me up inside.

I have three amazing kids, a wonderful husband, a family who has my back 100% and is always there for me.  I have the best job in the world and it's always something I love to be doing.  I have no reason to feel I have lost something.  None......


This week started with my husband leaving once again.  He isn't far but he is far enough I don't get to see him every night like I wish I could.  He's out working and doing what he's supposed to be doing but he's also somewhere I have always wanted to go and doing things I would really REALLY love to try and do one day.  This is what set off the bad start to my week.

I was pissed, I cried, I threw a little temper tantrum and then the next morning I grabbed my camera and went out to view the world through a lens that could capture every moment in an instant!  I decided I was going to make some amazing forever memories, and that's exactly what I did.

I started at the pond near our house.  It was still a bit foggy out and the dew drops were everywhere!  There had been tons of mushrooms around the pond but for some reason that morning I was only able to find the one pictured below.  I am totally in love with that picture by the way.  All three of these just make me smile and relive the moment before the shutter snapped to take the picture.  Pure quiet, no movement, no sound, just perfect stillness.

After I ventured around the pond a bit I decided to hop in the car and go for a drive.  I knew the cotton fields would be blooming soon and have wanted to stop and take pictures the past three years we've been here during their time of year.  I drove and drove until I found the perfect spot on a back road that I had plenty of room to pull of the side of the road and wouldn't be in anyone's way.  I don't like people looking/gawking at me as I take pictures, so this was perfect for me!  And these are some of the images I got out of it!  The last one was right when I was getting ready to walk away.  I looked down and saw this bottle just sitting here calling my name.  It too wanted its forever moment.

After the cotton field, I just drove.  I drove and turned down streets I still have no clue what the names were.  I have no idea where I ended up but across the street from me was an amazing big red barn and this old house (pictured below).  I took several different shots of this old house but this one is the one that I fell in love with right when I saw it.  I turned it black and white and BAM!  The perfect picture!  Another memory that I'll cherish forever.

I drove around until I found something I knew and then I turned the opposite direction and went somewhere I had never been.  These mushrooms were all in the same small little cemetery plot that I had stopped at to look around.  The graves were from civil war soldiers who are unknown and had fought the great battle here in NC and paid the ultimate price.  The cemetery is close to the Aversboro Battlefield and Museum (it was ok, I had permission to walk around in the cemetery).  The first mushroom I almost didn't notice as I was too busy taking shots of a million other things.  I'm so glad I looked down because it almost became a huge foot print!  The second picture I just love that it's a little crooked mushroom.  It totally makes the picture that much more perfect.  And the last one, I'm not sure how that little guy got turned inside out (or so it looks) but I love that look too!

The only other place I went that day was this amazing Classical Car store.  I had no idea what it was but had driven by there multiple times so decided why not.  And these beauty's were in there waiting for me to take their forever memories too :)  If you ever want to go to the store here's a link to their page-  East Coast Classic Cars  It's totally worth the visit!!!

So there you have it.  I found the "IT" I was missing just by taking a day, driving the unknown, having my favorite thing to do along for the ride and making those forever memories that I really REALLY needed to make.  What do you think?  Was that not the perfect day???

~ Till Next Time ~

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