Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hilton HHonors

With my hubby being in the Army, and the unit he is in, he is gone ALL THE TIME!  One of the great things about him being gone so much is he can actually use the nicer hotels and he normally flies on the same airways.  What's so great about that?  Well, let me tell you!

When he's staying in a hotel he normally stays at some sort of Hilton establishment.  Somewhere that takes his HHonors rewards card anyways and it really pays off!

So this is a snip it of my hubbys rewards.  We have over 20 thousand points!  And that's just on three different stays at a HHonors hotel.  Granted one of those was a three week long stay but if you are always on the road and staying in a hotel, sometimes it's best to pay that little extra to get a little extra in return!

Are you curious on how much a free night runs???  Well here, check this out -

With the points we have, we could stay at a Category 1 hotel for 4 nights FREE!  How awesome would that be?  That's a really nice mini vacation for my family of 5.  But you see, the problem we have with there being 5 of us us that we have grown accustomed to the larger hotel rooms.  We prefer the ones that have at least one separate bedroom, usually two bedrooms and a pull out couch.  The thing here is, when you use your points for a free stay, you still use your HHonors card when you check in and out, AND you get all the wonderful points for those nights/days you stay as well!  So it's really a win/win all around :)

So go ahead and get the HHonors card.  Get all the hotel cards you can as well as airway and store discount cards.  It might be a pain to get all that information down the first time but once it's there you can use your phone number or email address if you don't have your card and you still get the points!

Your Welcome ;)

~Till Next Time~

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