Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The next step.....

I was thinking of a different and better way to put my landscape, animal, fine art, etc prints out there to sell and I found the perfect place for them.  It's a new website that I have, it's got a lot of really great features for me as a photographer and is super simple for you as the buyer.  Interested in knowing a little more about this amazing new venture of mine?  Well here you go.....

The link above will give you complete access to the amazing world of me.  These are not images of people but of places I've been or things I have seen.  All of these images are through the lens on my cameras and seen through my eyes.

Here is a little rundown of how the site works.

On the left side you have a little "all about me" section.  This is where you can follow me, tag me in a FB page, google+ page, pinterest, twitter and stumbleupon. You can send me private messages about my work or questions you might have.  Also join the email list (will let you know when a new photo is added, when something sells, etc.),  The visit website tab will take you to my Looky Lu Photography account that has most of my pictures already.

To view my images and see how to order your prints you would first click on any of my images.  Once this is done it should look like this:

Notice on the right hand side it has many of buying print and greeting card options.  This is the best way to order any of my images.  You can order canvas, framed, just the art print, acrylic, and metal prints.  You can also order greeting cards (which I'm going to be using for christmas this year I think).

Say you want a framed print of this image.  Click on Framed print and it will look like this:

The best part about this website is you can choose the size of print you want, the type of frame, mat board, paper and finish.  The prices do change as you add your selections to your images.

Some of the images you are able to see full-resolution previews.  Those images look like this when opened:

This is only on some of the images where I thought detail was key to the photo.  My mushroom pictures, cotton pictures and any other macro photo will always have the full-resolution preview on them.

As time goes on I will be adding many more pictures.  They might not all be ones I have taken within the past week but they are all taken by me.  I would love to have you follow me on this website as well, if you can, and if you'd like to order anything, please, don't hesitate.  I'm really looking forward to this new venture in my life.  I'm so glad to have you with me!

~Till Next Time~

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