Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My Life - This Is Me

HELLO!!!!!  Hey you out there reading this!  Just wanted to make sure I had your attention......

How are you today?  I'm good, well, as good as can be expected.

I've started this new blog to start a new chapter in my life.  The chapter that gets "ME" back.  Yup, Me.  That doesn't make sense you say?  Well, there's been part of me missing.  Part that I haven't been able to pin point just yet and all I know is that I miss it.  I miss ME!

A tiny bit about me - I've been married over 10 years to an amazing Army man.  We have 3 amazing children that are my whole life.  I AM a photographer.  I OWN my own business called Looky Lu Photography.  There are a lot of people that consider my business a hobby and do not make millions of dollars but it is what I love doing.  I'm a bit over weight and don't see myself losing any of it any time soon.  I have a million family members and friends who have become family that love me.  I'm not popular or super beautiful but that doesn't matter to me.  I love being away from home, traveling, vacations, visiting friends, but I love sleeping in my own bed.  Laundry and dishes are the two things I dislike most about being an adult.  And that's about it.

So for starters, I have another blog!!!  It's a totally cool and awesome blog about Italy.  Oh how I miss my life there.  If you'd like to check that one out go here ----->   Life In Italy!  <-----There's so much in it about traveling around Italy, Germany, Croatia, I think even Greece made it in that one.  Some of the best parts will make it into this one too as I do some reflecting on my life but ALL of it is in there so go check it out too.  I also have a business page for my photography -----> Looky Lu Photography  <-----  This page is what I do when I'm working and I love every second of it!  I do some other writing for the wonderful world of Hub Pages ----->  Cassy Lu on HubPages  <-----  The writing I do for these is actually paid writing so that makes it even more fun for me!  Make sure you stop by and check those out from time to time.  Every penny counts.

Starting tomorrow, or the next day, or the day after that, I'm going to be writing in this "blog".  Some may be insightful, interesting, beautiful places to see or things to do.  Some may be just to say I had a bad day and a place to get my frustrations out.

Either join me on my journey to finding "ME" or don't.  One day you might need to find yourself again and you better believe if I know you are looking, I'll be helping you find you too!

~ Till next time ~

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