Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Australia ~ Day 17

After all the walking around we did yesterday, you'd think we would have been sore and tired, but we weren't!  That means we have finally done enough walking to make it several miles without dying :)

We didn't have anything planned really, except to use the last bit of our punches on our attractions card.  I really wanted to do the 360 tower and from there we just kind of went on our way of walking around Sydney.

To start the adventure.....we got to the 360 tower right after it opened.  Early in the morning there weren't too many people there so that was a bonus.  The first thing you get to do is go through a 3D simulator.  It was fun and I had to take a picture <3

Even though there weren't a lot of people there yet, we had a huge group of people in front of us for the elevator and I told mom there was no way I could get in that elevator with that many people.  I'm not super claustrophobic but elevators packed with people is NOT something I'm willing to do.  The wonderful guy that loaded people into the elevators heard me say something to mom and we were able to get our very own elevator clear to the top!

The top of the 360 tower was amazing.  The views were so beautiful.  We started at the cathedral and walked our way around.  Sydney is such a large city.  I had no idea it was so huge!



This next photo is of some stuffed animals.  The kids each wanted a stuffed animal from Australia but at these prices there's no way I was getting them one from here!

Our next stop after the 360 tower, we walked back down to Darling Harbour to the Wild Life Sydney Zoo.  I needed to see a wombat while we were in Sydney and since we hadn't seen one yet this was the next best place to go.  Too bad the little guy was sleeping and I didn't really get to see him but that's ok.  Was still worth it.

Tasmanian Devil




There were all kinds of Kangaroos at this small zoo.  It was sad to see them in such a small place but it's no different then the animals in the US.  They did have a walk through you could do with the kangaroos.  We did it but the kangaroos were too busy being lazy to come and see us.

This next little guy is Davey, he is arguably Australia's cutest macropod.  He sure did love his handler and the food she was giving him. 


We also had the chance to feed the Lorikeets.  These little guys ate oatmeal and they didn't mind getting it everywhere.  Including on top of heads :)




Our first siting of the Salt Water Crocodile!  Meet Rex....he's 55 year's old, 5 metre, 700-kilogram crocodile.  He is HUGE!  Can't believe this guy is living here, but better here then dead.


While we were waiting to catch a glimpse of Rex I spotted a Lorikeet and it's baby up on top of the Lorikeet feeding area.  He's so ugly but precious.

Lunch was had at the Meat District Co.  We had some sweet potato fries to start and Mom had a hot dog and I had this awesome pulled pork sandwich.  This place was good, but expensive.  Worth it though if you ever get the chance to eat at Darling Harbour.


After we ate we just kept walking.  This area was part of the Nawi Cove.  It's rocks were really cool.

Dukes Pier Barangaroo


We knew we wanted to walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge so we just walked toward the bridge and decided to find the entrance.  You can only enter on one side so we had to walk through this side to the other side.  This side was for bicycles only.

The next set of pictures are all taken from the harbour bridge.

Mom's panorama from the first tower on the bridge.

Looking UP!


The bridge walkers started right around this area.  Maybe next time I'll have the courage to do this walk.



Another photographer trying to get the perfect shot.



After our walk across we decided we had enough energy to walk all the way back too, our walk back looked pretty much the same.....


These kids were playing Cards Against Humanity

Bridge monitor, wasn't very friendly.....

After the bridge walk we had to find our way back to the hotel.  It wasn't too bad of a hike and we saw some cool old parts of Sydney on our walk back.


That was our day!  We didn't have much more on our list of things to do while we were in Sydney so our time was coming down to the end.  I can not tell you enough how much each and every one of you should visit Australia.  And Sydney needs to be on your list of must visit places.  I'll remember this vacation for the rest of my life!


Tomorrow ~ Shopping and the Opera on the Harbour!!!!

~Till Next Time~


Jewel Oehlerking said...

I soo loved this trip. The best part was the time we had together. I would walk the bridge with you again any time. Love you

Cassandra NightThunder said...

We NEED to go back! So much more to see that we didn't get to and we really need to bring back more souvenirs for family and friends LOL Let me know when you are ready to go again, I'll pack my bags and meet you at the airport <3 LOVE YOU!!!!