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Australia ~ Day 16

April 17th, 2016

With days winding down on our vacation and so much left to do we had to start putting a lot of stuff into each day.  This day is FULL of pictures!  With as many pictures as I take (being a photographer and all) it is really hard for me to narrow down the ones I want to post on my blogs.  Can you imagine, all these pictures, plus about 500 more per day, to go through!  LOL  It's a tough decision I tell you!

So today we headed to the botanical gardens.  It was somewhere I really wanted to go!  We had also made the plan to get scheduled to tour the opera house and to go see an actual opera.  It was an overcast day so it wasn't super hot which was nice.  We even took our jackets with us just in case it got a little chilly.

I absolutely love the room we stayed in!  This view alone was worth it!!!!!!

To start our walk we headed North from the hotel.  Of course this was our first place to walk by.  St. Mary's Cathedral is so beautiful and majestic.  It stands tall right next to Hyde Park and was always special to see each time we passed by.  There were reflection pools which were beautiful and made the perfect reflections of the cathedral


On this side, down below where mom was, underneath the reflection pool, was an actual swimming pool rec area.  We had no idea it was there (even with as many times as we had been by here).

The beautiful stone work around the cathedral.


I don't think I could ever get sick of seeing this amazing cathedral every day!

Continuing on our walk to the Botanical Gardens we saw a lot of other things as well.  Things we walked by several times just never stopped to really look at them.



The Royal Botanic Gardens were so beautiful!  There were so many different paths to take and so much to see.  We didn't get to see everything the Gardens had to offer but we did get to see some really beautiful plant life and birds (my favorite Ibis was everywhere).


Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring statues surround this really cool staircase.



And the colors of the flowers were just amazing!!!!  I could walk this every day!

Sydney skyline from inside the Gardens.

My Ibis <3

200 years!!!!  Maybe that's why the trees are so massive.

I loved this recreating habitat seawall.  They had several different pot things along the side of the wall and each one had different things growing inside them.


One thing I noticed about Sydney were the amount of weddings (or photo shoot weddings) that were around.  They were everywhere!  I'm pretty sure this wedding was real.  We were back really far so I didn't intrude on anyone taking these photos.  We just stood back in the trees and watched.  My lens was long enough to do all the work.  So check it out,

the Wedding of XINYI FU and FEIMING LIU


The only reason we headed this was was to see what all this set up was on the opposite side of the Opera House.  We didn't know it was the setting of the Opera until we got up close and then, of course, when we scheduled our tickets to go see it.  I really couldn't wait to sit here, in the dark, with the stars above and the Opera House in the background, watching the iconic Opera on the Harbour!

After we walked the botanical gardens and saw where the Opera was going to be, we headed to the Opera House for our tour!  Kinda really excited we get to go inside and see it.  Another check off the bucket list for sure!

I'm pretty sure mom was getting sick of selfies by this point LOL


Our tour guide was very nice :)


Inside the first shell


The amazing views between the shells, outside.  The texture of the tiles is so the glare from the sun isn't so bad that it blinds you ever time you look at it.  Now that I know that it totally makes sense.


Inside the second shell



Wow, to tour the Opera House was always a dream of mine (and Mom's I'm sure).  I can't believe how big it really is especially on the inside.  One day maybe I'll get to sit in one of the rooms and actually hear the acoustics for myself.

The Sydney Opera House had this amazing place to eat so after our tour Mom and I stopped for a little snack.  We saw these chip like things and asked what they were. They call them sweet potato crisps. And let me tell you, they were the BEST things EVER!!!!  The chicken wasn't so bad either but the crisps definitely stole the show :)

Dinner tonight was homemade BLT.  I was really enjoying this whole making our own dinner thing.  It seemed to taste a lot better then when we went out.

Tomorrow we walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge!!!!  TWICE!  You don't want to miss it :)

~Till Next Time~

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