Thursday, April 6, 2017

Army Wife Bragging Moment.....

So this week is a HUGE week in this family.

To start off, my husband, who is in the Army, just completed his 12th military deployment.  12 deployments, all ranging from 4 months to 18 months.  We have lived without him for months on end and have still been here for his return every single time. I was super proud of him to complete this one, as it was tough, but I knew he was going to come home to us.

Also this week marks the 16th year my husband has been in the Army.  16 YEARS of living a life for his country and putting our great nation and his duties before anything else.  12 deployments in 16 years!  How selfless he has to be to do this.  But the kids and I have his back every step of the way and he knows life at home is going to be taken care of no matter how many thousands of miles he is away from us.

And today is the icing on the cake.  My hubby was picked up for the E-8 board for the Army.  That means he is going to be a Master Sargent and that is huge considering this is his last promotion before he retires at 20 years (in only 4 short years this week!).  E-8 means he will be getting a job at work that will allow us to stay in our house, on our street, in a town we have lived in for 5 years now.  This is not how our lives have worked so it's new for us to stay in one spot longer then 3 years.  His new job means more responsibilities and some amazing leadership time.  He is going to be the absolute best MSG the Army could ever have asked for.

Getting to this spot in his career hasn't been the easiest.  He has had many hard deployments where he has been lead truck in convoys, shot at, blown up and hurt.  He has had the vehicle he was riding in blown up 10 different times.  He has been hurt and seen friends hurt.  He has put in endless hours of work for what seemed like nothing.  He has picked up and left at a moments notice because it was part of the job.  He has worked for many different types of people, has helped mold soldiers into better soldiers and has worked hard to make his way through the ranks.  He has worked through all this and was able to get an Associates Degree just this past January which was a huge accomplishment for him.  All of this and he is getting the life he has worked so hard to achieve.

Now why am I needing this bragging moment?  Because I know he doesn't see life like I do.  I see the positives in any situation and make the most of what we have.  I knew in my heart he would get his 8, I knew he could complete his degree in time, I knew what being married to an Army man meant when I got into this amazing relationship 13 years ago.  I have seen my husband come home so worn down and beaten up that he couldn't move any more.  I have heard the horror stories and don't even want to imagine some of the horrible things he has had to see.  I have been here for all the bad, depressing and absolute worst parts and also for all his exciting accomplishments and wonderful news he brings home.  I will always be here to encourage him at every turn and help him be the best man he can be.  I am so proud of this man and who he has become in life.  This right here, his life, proves that you do not have to be a bad person just because your teen years were the worst.  He has come so far in life, has grown up so much, and has worked so very hard for every penny he has earned.  He puts the love of country in front of almost everything and I could not be prouder.  Him making his 8 is exactly what his goal was for finishing out his military career.  He has pushed and pulled his way up the ranks and has really inspired many people to do the same.  It's not easy but with hard work and determination like his anything is possible.

I love you Brandon Blade.  I am so proud of you that I want to scream it from all the roof tops.  You deserve this more then anyone I know and I can not even describe my feelings at this moment.  You are my inspiration in life, my never ending story of true love, and my absolute everything.  Congratulations to you on such a life changing week!  I love you more then you will ever know.